Mid Week 4: Trust the Process

What do they say?  It takes 3 weeks to turn it into a habit?  Well we’re partway through week 4 and my habits are getting better.  to be honest these next couple weeks are going to be tough.  There are a lot of things going.  I’m a chiropractor full time.  I work as a consultant for Health professionals.  I’m helping to develop a product to bring to the market.  I’m also a product broker.  Oh and on top of that were in the middle of packing and moving to our new house that we close on October 30th.  Just thinking about all that makes my head hurt a little, but guess what?  I love it!!  What is even better about everything is that everything is working out.  The loan is falling into place for the house.  My chiropractic office continues to be busy.  I’m in talks with a few different Dr’s to start working with them.  I just started expanding in my brokerage business with a new make up artist, and have more new business in the wings.  I’m just letting all things continue to go at the same time and cash in on this momentum.

To be honest I look at everything and do feel a little overwhelmed, but then I see my purpose.  I see where I want to be for the rest of my life and I feel that by taking time off from anything, or letting something lag, I might delay that process.  I just see Dori from Finding Nemo in my head saying “Just Keep swimming.”  I’m telling you right now that’s what I’m doing.  I’m keeping up with my habits of reading and positive projections.  I’m putting more faith in them. I’m feeling them deeper into my soul. I’m getting my purpose in line with my subconscious.  And in the end I know things will work out.  I don’t hope they do, I have faith they do.  I heard it once “Hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over the fire.”  Time to leap a little more.

Till next time

Christopher “Tiny” Lane


Week 3: Just Go All In

It’s the third week in my journey and I am seeing things change already.  Small little things that are coming back.  Things that are working out and are in line with my purpose that when they happened I just had to hesitate a little wondering “Is this actually happening?”  In may case a hunting opportunity came forwards.  Next a great discussion with a buddy on our potential product coming to market gave me some insight into developing a company that we can build while still being able to be very hands off.  Seriously? This was in my purpose statement.  These two things are major parts.

The thing that I have to do is truly go all in.  I’m in I’d say 85%.  Are things happening?  Yes!!!  But just think if I just let go and went in 100%?  Really get rid of that control freak thing and went all in.  Donn’t miss any reading of my goals, book, not cards, anything.  Even on a weekend if I’m falling asleep on the couch, wake back up, do my tasks, and stick with it.  I realize I’m in but not all the way in.

I’m trying to change habits. I’m trying to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good habits.   I can’t totally go all in on a new habit until I stop doing my old habits. I know that this may not be the most politically correct statement but can an alcoholic help himself out by drinking occasionally?  Can a smoker quit smoking by smoking occasionally?  Heck No!!! So what makes me think I can pick up new good habits if even on a rare occasion I head back to my old habit.  Is it tough?  Yup.  But deep down inside I know it will be worth it.  When I go all in it’s scary.  Things happen.  Things happen very quick.  Don’t try to understand how you’re going to accomplish your purpose.  You can only connect the dots looking backwards.  Just have faith things will work out.

Till next time

Dr. Christopher “Tiny” Lane

Week 2 Takeaway? I’m a Control Freak!!!

You saw the title and that’s the truth.  As I was watching my webinar summarizing week 2 and going into what I’m adding on in week 3 Mark talked about control freaks and everything he talked about was me.  I know how to help other people and have an opinion on what they should be doing but yet have huge room for improvements in my life.  WOW!!  That was like a brick to the side of the head.  It describes me to a “T”.  I am a creature of habit, which I didn’t think was a bad thing, and as long as your habits are good and in line with where you want to go that’s great!!  However I can admit 100% that not everyone of my habits is the best for me nor other people in  my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m always right at all, but I do find myself judging people sometimes much more harshly because I’ve done the same thing.  That’s crap if you really think about and ridiculously hypocritical.  I didn’t say it was okay for me to do it, but to then judge others more harshly because I’ve made that mistake is even worse.

I would say that the other thing I took away from this past week of learning was maybe I don’t know exactly what I want.  There are a few things in life I feel that I want.  Well if you go by the Law of Attraction, if it is truly what I want then why don’t I already have it?  Maybe I’m not doing what I need to do do attain my purpose.  Maybe I’m afraid to really go for it.  Here’s something else that really hit me hard.  Maybe what I feel I want is not what is really going to drive me to greatness.  Maybe all along in life I’ve had this idea of where I am going instead of trusting my gut, letting my subconscious lead the way no matter where that is.  There’s that control freak coming through.  It’s time to just lose control a little and let me be lead to what I truly was put on this earth to do.

I’m not sure why but after watching this webinar it took me back to something my dad said years ago… beyond work hard, save your money, buy your own damn car.  I remember one time looking at him and jokingly wondering why I hadn’t won the lottery yet.  He looked at me with a smile and said because God gave you too many talents to win the lottery and not use those talents to help others. My dad’s a pretty smart guy most of the time and well I’d say he was spot on there.  With that being said Carrie Underwood pops into my head with her line “Jesus take the wheel.”  I suppose I’m ready to lose control and have faith.  Till next time.

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane

A Whilrwind of Week 1

Well I wasn’t really sure how to approach this whole week.  I needed to add other things into my schedule to do, like reading a few times a day and overall putting in about 40-60 extra minutes per day.  Wasn’t sure I could do it but here is what I have realized many times.  As long as I schedule it, I’ll do.  Guess what?  I pretty much accomplished my reading tasks everyday except for once in the evening after an Elton John concert.  I am disappointed I missed the one reading out of 21 but it at least shows I have room for improvement right?

Well it was whirlwind of a week.  I started out the master key experience.  My clinic is busy.  It got busier with transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis system (kinda like going from speaking English to speaking German), I put an offer in on a house with my fiancee on a whim, scrambled to get our financials in, and finally was approved for a house and offer accepted.  By Friday night and Elton John I was definitely ready for a break. I survived and pretty much accomplished everything I needed to do with all aspects of my life.

Moral of the story?  I made time.  No my days didn’t last 25 hours, they were 24 hours just like everyone else but I quit procrastinating on things.  I took one thing that ate up time and gave me no benefit and just stopped doing it.  I prioritized things in getting the most important things done and at least take every advantage of time that I did have.  Instead of taking 5 minutes between patients to look at Facebook I’d do a note.  If  a patient rescheduled, I’d do some more paperwork, or got my financials together for the loan officer.  I didn’t make more time in day I just took advantage of the time I had.  When people tell me they don’t have time for something I don’t believe it.  What I do believe is that what they don’t have time for just isn’t a priority.  If they wanted to do it they would make time for it.  So there is always time to accomplish something if it truly is important to you.  Well that’s what I’ve learned so far.

Oh by the way, you guys really need to start writing things down in some sort of goal statement, purpose statement, whatever.  The house we had the offer accepted on is darn close to what it says in my goals.  Freaky….

Dr. Christopher “Tiny” Lane

I’m No Longer the Fat Kid

Well it’s the first day of a new path for me.  It’s that time when I really need to quit procrastinating and put the past behind.  I have a feeling like I need the monkey from the Lion King smacking me in the back of the head everyday and then saying “Don’t Worry it’s in the past.”  That’s it right there.  I  was one who would dwell on the past and usually let it hinder me from moving forward.  I’d procrastinate to the point that my decisions were made more by inaction than by my choice alone.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve have undergone huge changes in the past 15-20 years.  I’ve lost 130 pounds.  I’ve become more driven.  I am more of a leader.  I’m a chiropractor helping people feel better.  I’m a pretty smart guy.  I have a ton of friends.  Seems like I got everything going for me right?   You’d think so!!  In the back of my mind there seems to always be something that is holding me back.  Of course one looks at fear.  Okay great answer genius, (I can be self deprecating at times), but what am I afraid of?  Not really sure.

I watch motivational videos on you tube whether Gary Vaynerchuk, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas.  You name them I watch them.  But while I listen to the message, it doesn’t necessarily motivate me.  In all honesty with all I’ve accomplished, there’s so much more for me.  I truly feel that part of why I’m doing this new program is that there isn’t as much thinking involved, just to follow a plan that has been done by hundreds of people before me.

I’ve always felt that we weren’t put on this earth to work till we’re 65 years old then retire when our body and mind are past their prime.  I know there is so much more out there for all of us and I know that this will help me get there.  So let’s start this journey.  In the great words of Bill Murray in Ghostbusters right before they cross the streams: “See ya on the other side Ray.”

We’ll be in touch

Dr. Christopher “Tiny” Lane