Week 19: Which Wolf Do You Feed


Well I’ll be perfectly honest.  I went into 2016 thinking it would be pretty sweet… and it hasn’t quite reached my expectations.  January wasn’t great, but I’m still alive so in the words of Frank Keefer it was a great month.  I went into February expecting better, and it has been trying mentally to say the least, thus my tardiness on my blog.  This past week the assignment talked about concentrating, and I mean concentrating on certain things in our lives.  Another topic throughout the reading was on good versus evil, yin and yang, positive and negative.  It reminds me of the tale above in the picture of the old Native American telling his grandson about the 2 wolves in us all.  Good and Evil.  The one that wins is the one you feed.

This comes back to the word concentration.  We all have a dark side, maybe not quite Darth Vader dark side, but we all have our demons inside that trip us up, frustrate us, and slow down our progress of becoming the person we want and know we can become. Even after having my eyes opened earlier this year, there are still those demons, that dark side in me that tries to take over. That makes waves, hurts people, and at times hurts myself.  Is it less than it used to be?  Yes.  But there are still those moments you let the negative thoughts take over and make a poor choice.  That is where this comes down to concentration.  We are what we think about.  If we focus on the good, the love, faith, and kindness we become that based on the law of growth.  If we focus on the anger, the greed, the lies, and let our ego get in our way, we become that based on the same law of growth.  Again the wolf that wins is the one we feed.  Are you one that feeds the good wolf or the evil wolf?  What you concentrate on is the one you’re feeding no matter what you tell, or lie to yourself about.

So my advice to you, more so my advice to me is feed the good.  Concentrate on the good.  Focus on love.  Soon enough it won’t be work to fight that evil wolf, you’ll have drowned it out with all the good thoughts.

Till Next Time,

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane

wolf black white


7 thoughts on “Week 19: Which Wolf Do You Feed

  1. I fed the opinion wolf at a breakfast networking meeting this morning. While it feels so good doing it, observing the other person, he didn’t seem impressed as much as my ego was telling the story. As the observer, I was saying to my self don’t do it but I did it anyway. Now time to feed the other wolf.
    Enjoyed this blog.


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