Week 22A: It’s Your Fault



So I’m sure you looked at the title and thought that it was fairly blunt.  The next thing you’re wondering is what did I do wrong?  Well what I want to tackle this week is where people are at in their lives, and yes this includes me.  Now brace yourselves.  This next statement is in all capital letters not because I’m yelling but because I want to be sure you truly internalize it.


Wow that’s a little sobering isn’t it?  The reason you’re overweight is because of you.  The reason you hate your job is because of you.  The reason you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you is because of you.  The reason you’re life isn’t where you want it is because of you.  It’s not due to genetics, your ex wife/husband, your parents, your education, or anything else, it is because of you and the choices you made.  Now it wasn’t just one choice that made you unhealthy and overweight, it was small daily choices you continued to make over and over that added up to you being unhealthy.  It wasn’t one choice that put you in the relationship you’re in.  It took many small choices to stick around even after there were some things telling you that maybe you shouldn’t be in that relationship.  The same holds true for your job and every other facet of your life.

It’s tough to admit that but once you do I’m telling you things will change.  How?  Well the biggest thing is you quit playing the victim.  Once you quit playing the victim the biggest thing that you can get out of that is not only are you where you’re at in life because of your choices, but now it gives the control of your life back to you and it puts all the power into your hands to change it.  Isn’t that awesome?  You and only you have the power to make those changes.  If you’re the victim yet, that change won’t happen.  Once you take responsibility you have taken all the power back and can now start making those same simple small choices and actions daily to get your life moving in a better direction.

All too often today people blame their problems on everything else but themselves, and that creates this feeling that there is no way out.  But as I told you above there is.  People talk about massive action all the time, but many of the the biggest successes out there did small simple tasks day after day until one day it looks like they were an overnight success.

So take that power back and find a few small things you can do everyday and soon your life will change.

Till Next Time

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane



3 thoughts on “Week 22A: It’s Your Fault

  1. No way… it’s not my fault! ooohhh – I guess it is after all. Personal responsibility or lack of it seems to be a tragic flaw for many in today’s world. May have been yesterday too tho’ eh? Enjoyed reading your post today. Thank you! The slight edge is as you suggested – compounded effect of small action steps over time makes THE difference in our results.
    Dennis recently posted: http://masterkey.peakboomers.com/wheres-waldo/

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