Week 23: Don’t Drain Yourself

Robin Sharma

I’ve had this picture above up previously and I see it, but don’t always follow up.  I continue to get in my own way.  The thing is that we all get in our own way.  The problem is that we lie to ourselves.  We tell ourselves we’re happy.  We tell ourselves we’re satisfied with how we look and feel physically.  We tell ourselves that we’ll just stay with this job.  The thing is we keep lying to ourselves.  What happens is that we continue to defend ourself to ourself and that drains us.  We spend so much time justifying what is going on in our lives and the thing is it drains us of our energy, motivation, drive, vitality, and most importantly it drains us of our LOVE.

The thing is that not only do we lie to ourselves but we also tend to live our lives trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples’ thinking.  Other people won’t die for you so don’t let them live for you.  We at some point need to become our true self.  The person we were meant to be.  The person that takes no effort to be.  The person that you can look at in the mirror and say “I did my best today with what I had.  Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

I saw this quote today and it really hits home hard.

ralph waldo

At times I am myself.  At times I’m an not true to myself.  What has that done to me?  It’s drained me.  It’s made me not the best person I can be.  Worst of all it’s robbed me of some of my love for everything.  Don’t get me wrong I still show love, but not to the best of my abilities.  This was a tough day today realizing this.  This was a great step.

Till Next Time

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane


2 thoughts on “Week 23: Don’t Drain Yourself

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your vulnerability and authenticity. It’s wonderful to have followed your journey through your blogs. And there is so much more.. Shine on!


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