You Can Only Control Yourself… Right Now


Wow I opened up my Word Press account and it said it had been 4 months since my last blog.  My how time flies.  It’s not that I didn’t have things to write about, it’s more the fact I didn’t keep it a priority.  I let life get in the way.  The thing is life always gets in the way if you let it.  Life always puts things on the back-burner.  Life gets in the way of losing weight, finding a new job, improving yourself, etc.  You name it life will throw things at you that will distract you and delay your journey.  All you have to do is take a look at social media to realize that distractions are everywhere.  You can look at Facebook and all of a sudden it’s 30 minutes later and you literally accomplished nothing beside liking a couple selfies and the way it seems lately posting a political statement or article that pisses off half your friends because they’re on the other side.

Kids will be going back to school soon and September is almost here already.  Are you F#@*%!G kidding me?!?!?  September?  Where did 2016 go?  Hunting season is coming and while I am loving it, it is also scary about how life is passing by.

As we all know 2016 did not start off good at all and while I thought I came through the immediate time period pretty good, the past few months it almost feels like however well I did at the beginning of the year, is how bad I have been the past few months.  I talk about controlling your thoughts and even have the wrist band that says “No Negativity Allowed.”  Well I totally disregarded that in many ways.  I felt off.  I haven’t felt myself totally.  To be honest I haven’t been happy.  It took me a while but I have occasionally continued to read books as well as listen to audios to try and feed my mind.

What has truly come out of that is my understanding of why I was off.  I took the focus off of what I can control.  I focused on helping others.  I was focusing on trying to help someone get healthy and lose weight, advance a business, or even just telling people to come see me to get treated so they could get out of pain.  The thing is a lot of people didn’t move forwards, didn’t progress, and I took that very hard.  I took it hard that I was more motivated to help them than they were to help themselves.  I internalized this and it affected me profoundly.  That is why I was “off.”

What I am really becoming more conscious of doing is that I have control over a few things.  The things that I have control over are my thoughts and my actions.  More importantly I can only control those right now.  I can’t change what happened yesterday nor can I worry about the future.  I can consciously focus on what is in my mind right now, and more importantly the actions I take right now.  I can’t worry myself about other people’s actions or lack of.  Please don’t take that as I don’t care about people because I do.  I wouldn’t be in my profession if I didn’t.  What I do need to do is be able to separate myself from the decisions other people make and let them make their own mistakes.  If someone wants to lose weight but feels it is more important to drink most weekends, that is their choice.  All I can do is offer my help.  If someone wants to grow their business but hasn’t put much time doing the things necessary to grow it over the past few months, that is their business.  All I can do is let them know I’m here to help when they’re ready.

There is that saying that today is a gift, that is why it’s called the present.  So my goal from now on is to appreciate today.  Not worry about tomorrow.  Still let people know I’m here to help when they’re ready.  Finally I am here to control my thoughts, keep things positive, and most importantly take actions that will help me improve myself and my situation.