Who Am I

Who Am I?  Well if you ask my fiancee she would say I’m a pretty simple guy, but I think there might be a little more complexity.  I grew up on a hog farm outside of Yankton, South Dakota so most of my school years were spent on the farm with the hogs or harvest.  At the time I hated a lot of it, but looking back on it now I miss those days sometimes. I grew up the fat kid.   I was always overweight and identified with this for a while even going into college.  I graduated from high school in 1995, (scary I just had my 20 year class reunion) and attended South Dakota State University where I got the nickname Tiny which has followed me to this day and I doubt will ever go away.  With my farm background I originally went to college as a pre-veterinary major but after having too much fun and sticking around for an extra year to bring some grades up, an unfortunate incident with a cow caused me to want to change my career path.  At that point I change my major to pre-chiropractic, applied, and got in.  One of the greatest things I took from SDSU was an amazing group of friends, most of which I still keep in touch with and see today.

I went to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota starting in the fall of 2000 which was tough being a Chicago Bears fan in the heart of Vikings and a lot of packers fans. Again I happened on a great group of people who I still see to this day and call friends.  I moved back to Sioux Falls, SD with the girl I was dating at the time and started to work for a chiropractor in Tea, SD a town of 5000 people a few miles outside Sioux Falls.  After 6 months working for him, I bought out 50% of the practice, then at the end of June 2006 I bought out the rest of the practice and have been in solo practice for over 9 years with my cousins wife as my employee for pretty much the entire time.  I have also dabbled in some other businesses but at this point in my life I really feel that what I’m doing right now is going to pay off immensely over the next 5 years.

If you’re wondering other things about me I’m very close with my family.  My parents still live back in Yankton on an amazing acreage which we visit a lot especially during hunting season.  I have an older sister who is married and has my two nieces, I also have a younger sister who is married and has my two nephews.  I am engaged to be marries to an amazing women who somehow puts up with me and ll my quirks.  She is 9 years older than me, and acts younger than me most of the time.  She has 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Not necessarily the family I envisioned when I was younger, but to be quite honest, I think it is exactly what I needed all along.

If you’re wondering what I do for fun there are two main things that I truly enjoy.  I hunt and I golf.  I grew up hunting with my dad and to this day some of my favorite days were out in the field hunting with him, family, and friends.  I also golf.  While I don’t get out like I want, I am changing that and maybe some day I’ll look more like a golfer, not just a football player swinging a golf club.  Beyond those hobbies I LOVE to cook!  IT is funny in our house you might find my fiancee fixing a drain in the sink while I’m baking.  Seriously.

I’ve lived a great life and have gone through it with the attitude most of the time that things just work out for me.  It annoys my sisters but to be honest, most of the times things work out.  It’s usually from working my butt off, but they do.  Well that’s a little about me.  If I think of anything more I’ll add it, otherwise I hope this didn’t scare you away.

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane


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