Press Release

Stu Whitney – The Argus Leader

Well from the outside looking in this seemed pretty insignificant.  Tom Brokaw coming back to South Dakota.  I mean he’s from Yankton and has a street, actually a highway named after him in the town, so him coming back to South Dakota didn’t seem to make news with any of the Sioux Falls affiliates but it’s something I took interest in.  When I found out that Mr. Brokaw was coming back to interview a fellow Yanktonite I had to wonder what the heck was so interesting about this guy from Yankton living outside of Tea?  Dr. Chris Lane a local chiropractor that has a world famous news anchor coming back to interview him, now this was something I wanted to sit in on.  So I got in touch with Dr. Lane to see if it would be alright and in what I now know is classic Dr. Lane he said no worries and see ya then bud!

We met out at Dr. Lane’s compound west of Tea.  It’s a great acreage.  A nice house, not too huge but with the definite look of rustic and a cabin feel as well as a separate building pretty good sized building with a sign in one of the windows that was neon pink and said “The Mooseknuckle.”  I could tell I would have to check that place out later.  When I asked Chris about it he just said it was his “Man Room.”

Anyway the interview was set up actually on the deck of the house overlooking a wide open field and with some trees around it had a very peaceful setting especially with the leaves changing color.  You could even hear some pheasants cackling off in the distance.  Chris and Tom just seemed relaxed and could tell they were at home with the peace.  Chris chimed in right away “Thanks for coming out here Tom.  I hope it was an easy trip.  You really didn’t have to do this.  I figure you don’t mind getting away from the busy city and being able to come back home.”

“No problem Chris.  While I’ve definitely made the big city my home, it feels good to get back to my home state and just breathe in the fresh air and quiet sometimes.  Just unwind.  Now I’m killing two birds with one stone and mixing some work with pleasure. So let’s get rolling here.  You know since I’ve stepped away from anchoring the news I’ve really taken an interest in my home state and doing some stories on people that for lack of a better term, stick out in a crowd,  They’ve done more than the average everyday person, and looking at everything you’re into, you seem to have a lot of irons in the fire.  I guess the first thing is what are you passionate about because usually the people I find to be successful, do something they’re passionate about.”

Chris leaned forwards in his chair, “Well Tom I think the first thing I can say about that is I am passionate about helping people.  I know that seems corny and cheesy but I truly am.  It really hit me a few years ago hard after a goose hunt with some friends and family that I paid for and the feeling I got on the ride home after the hunt was something I wanted to duplicate a lot.  Add in the chiropractic work, Market America, and finally my company I have with my buddy Dr. Kurt Solari, I’ve found many different ways I can help people out whether get out of physical and financial pain.  It’s been very rewarding.”

Mr. Brokaw you could tell was soaking the answers up.  “Now are you still a chiropractor?”

“Well I do maintain my license and attend some continuing education, but most of my work I do is on family and friends.  While I did enjoy it, actually owning a clinic and having set hours seemed a little constraining to me and my want to come and go as I please.  Pretty much what happens is occasionally have a buddy let me practice in his office for a day and just treat some of my long time patients.  Beyond that my patient base have found a great chiropractor I sold my practice to.”

“So you just randomly have hours and some patients come see you whenever you want?” Brokaw said with a smirk.

“Yup!” Chris said with a wry smile. “I’m a pretty good chiropractor, but honestly I like to golf and hunt a little more.”

“So beyond the part-time almost no-time chiropractic work you do, what else are you dabbling in?”

Chris leaned forwards even more on this question and you could tell that he was really excited. “Well beyond my chiropractic work I do own some rental properties.  Not a lot, but I do have a property management company taking care of them so it’s about as hands off as you can get.  That doesn’t take much work at all… in fact all my businesses are pretty much hands off.”

“Well that sounds like a pretty good deal,” remarked Tom.

“Yeah I’d say.  I’m with Market America, a product brokerage company and have developed my team so well it has helped a lot of people get out of debt, quit the grind of most jobs, and to be honest it has really changed a lot of lives both for their health as well as for their financial health.  It’s creating incomes for these people to last generations, all based on transferring spending habits..”

“Interesting.”  Remarked Tom.  “So how does this work?”

“Well, to be honest it’s difficult to explain but maybe after the interview if you have 30-45 minutes we can sit down with a glass of whiskey and a cigar and I can show ya.”

“I’m pretty busy and will need to get going, but thanks.” Smiled Tom.  “Now you also have a product company correct?”

“Yes. A few years ago after a phone conversation with a my buddy Kurt Solari a chiropractor in Montana, I told him my idea of creating this product to help pregnant women get out of pain.  He took it and ran with it.  We got manufacturing and distribution, automated a website, and beyond the marketing we got on social media as well as a few times on QVC, we really turned this company with multi-million dollars in sales yearly.   The stupid thing is how simple our product really is, but it works. I was really fortunate to be friends with Kurt because he definitely had some strengths in areas I wasn’t good at.  Beyond a little overseeing and management, this company runs itself.”

“Yeah I’ve seen your product, in fact know a few ladies who have tried it and love it. You’ve got yourself a really money maker there.”

Chris nodded and then leaned back, ” You know Tom, all the money is great and it’s got me this great acreage.  My wife Angie doesn’t work.  We get to travel where we want when we want, but the most rewarding aspect is still how much I’ve helped people especially our families.  They spend a lot of time out here on our acreage, and I’m more about the experience and the look on their faces than I am about how much money I make.  The money lets me help others most importantly my family.  I mean I’ve been able to take my dad hunting to Alaska and we went with my brothers-in-law.  How many kids get to say that?”  You could almost see a tear forming in the corner of Chris’s eye.

“Well I can obviously see you’re passionate about what you do Chris.” Tom said.  “How about we take a walk around your property here and just take a look around?  I think I have some extra time. Maybe even grab that glass of whiskey and go see what is in that building that says Mooseknuckle.  Do some talking off the record.”

“Sounds good to me.”  Smiled Chris.  “Do you like Pendleton?”


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